[Dariah-CH workshop #2]
5-6 Dec 2019 Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Call for paper

Building on the dynamic initiated during the 2018 DARIAH workshop, a new event will be held in December 2019 at the University of Neuchâtel. Young scholars (PhD+7 maximum) are invited for this new workshop to present their research in depth and to discuss together methodological, data management and research workflow issues. The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanites (DARIAH) and the H2020-funded project DESIR.

The workshop will bring together young scholars from Switzerland and surroundings. It aims to create a self-educational dynamic by focusing on technical aspects of DH projects and sharing concrete experiences. We invite contributors to present the architecture they use for managing, storing and organizing their data and the way they process them: Which data? Where does it come from? How is it collected, analyzed, processed and shared? What are the challenges in making it reusable? In which language(s)? What are the dynamics of collaboration? From epigraphy to contemporary literature, from Indonesian art to European history, any topic in humanities or beyond is welcome.

Presentations will last 20 min followed by a 10 min discussion and will be published under the form of short data papers. The language of the workshop will be English.

Please send us an abstract of max 250 words before 15/09/2019 at the following address: dariah-ch-ws19@sciencesconf.org.

To facilitate mutual exchange, preliminary reading material regarding research data management will be provided before the workshop.

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