[Dariah-CH workshop #2]
5-6 Dec 2019 Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Digital Critical Edition of Apocryphal Literature: Tools and Methodology
Violeta Seretan  1  , Frédéric Amsler  1  , Patrick Andrist  1  , Cecilia Antonelli  1  , Maïeul Rouquette  1  
1 : IRSB, University of Lausanne

We will present the SNSF-funded project "Editer la littérature apocryphe chrétienne", which is being carried out at the French Swiss Institute of Biblical Sciences, University of Lausanne under the direction of Prof. Frédéric Amsler (FNS 157961, 2017-2021). Building on the Institute's strong tradition in the study and scholarly editing of Christian apocryphal literature, the project seeks to embrace the digital revolution by adopting and developing new methods of computer-assisted textual criticism aimed at facilitating the work of editors. In order to enable the creation of critical editions, in both digital and paper format, for four ancient texts – Lives of the Prophets, Acts of Barnabas, The Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila, Pseudo-Clementine Homilies and Recognitions – the project relies on cutting-edge tools and methodologies from the emergent field of Digital Scholarly Editing. For each of the stages of the editing process, i.e., witness transcription, collation, analysis, editing and publication, we will detail the technological and methodological choices made in the project; we will outline the progress made so far in implementing a seamless processing pipeline (on the one hand), and on developing novel in-house tools (on the other hand); and, finally, we will highlight remaining challenges. From the interaction with the workshop audience we hope to gain insights into best practices for critical edition visualisation in a digital medium, which will inform the design of the future online platform of the project.

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