[Dariah-CH workshop #2]
5-6 Dec 2019 Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Revisiting Classic Textual Problems Using Digital Tools: The Case of Mark 16
Mina Monier  1  
1 : DH+, SIB, Lausanne

One of the oldest classic problems of New Testament textual criticism is how the Gospel of Mark ends. The fact that this topic has been subject to comprehensive debates, it has been assumed that there was no stone left unturned in terms of evidence, yet with no clear conclusion on the composition history of the Second Gospel's ending. However, revisiting this question using digital tools has shown that there is more to say in terms of: (1) correcting and refining our knowledge of earlier textual evidence, and (2) opening a new horizon of research by crossing interdisciplinary, intertextual and interlinguistic barriers that scholarship with its classical literary approaches needs. As part of the SNSF-funded project MARK16, Monier will offer the research results on the cases of Mark's ending in manuscripts.

During the process of research, the researcher gained methodological experience and challenges the way digital data was processed. This includes the problem of compatibility with digitised text, encoded and stored in different servers. Another aspect is the way articulating textual peculiarities in texts, during encoding, without compromising loyalty to the original manuscript reading. Sharing data and collaborating with the University of Münster's INTF platform has also provided important insights, in terms of progressing with research, that will be presented in this paper.

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